Press Kit


Developer: Diego Cánepa

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Developing Platform: Monogame

Founding Date: January 2017

Genre: Action, Adventure

Release Date: 3Q, 2019

Platforms: Steam, Windows 10 and Xbox One, GOG, Humble Bundle, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4.

ESRB: Teen


Twitter: @NineWitchesGame

More social: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram



Nine Witches - Family Disruption is a 2D pixel art action-adventure game during World War II against a mysterious SS division who is using an evil curse in a desperate attempt to change the course of war.

Key Features

  • Pixel Art - Colorful and beautiful pixel art style.
  • Spooky Story - A world-saving adventure during WWII against crazy Nazis and an evil curse. A story full of surprises. More that can I tell you here...
  • Crude Humor - sometimes sympathetic, sometimes gloom, sometimes sarcastic. Always bizarre.
  • Dozens of Locations - Explore Sundäe, a small agricultural village located on the northeast coast of Norway and help free them from the Nazis.
  • Dozens of NPCs - Meet the oppressed people of Sundäe and liberate them from the Okkulte-SS .
  • Adventure Game Elements - Including dialog trees, exploration and inventory items (including weapons).
  • Fight! - Real-time combats against Nazis, aberrant creatures of the darkness and more surprises...
  • Experience the Astral Plane - The nexus between the earthly world and the afterlife. Meet lost souls and help them continue their journey to the afterlife.
  • Items - 50+ items including weapons to overwhelm the bad guys and utilities to resolve puzzles.
  • Original Score - Yes! The game has its own OST!
  • Languages - English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German.



This project was born with the desire to create independent and authentic video games to reach success from its essence.

At my 47 years, today I decide to work for the value that the gamer has for me and his experience on the game, above an economic result.

My over 30-years career, has allowed me to evolve and choose the identity with which I want to seal each of my video games.