The Story

During the WWII, the German war machine controlled by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party had a stranglehold over much of Europe.

Friedrich von Darka was head of a special division called the Okkulte-SS, responsible for investigating the use of occult forces for the Third Reich.

To combat the Okkulte-SS, the allied forces created a secret agency known as The Institute of Supernatural Affairs.

By 1944, the tide in Europe had turned, the German army was in full retreat running away from the Red Army. However, the Okkulte-SS was about to give the most terrible blow.

Sundae Village, Norway 1944.

Key Features

  • Pixel Art - Colorful and beautiful pixel art style.
  • Spooky Story - A world-saving adventure during WWII against crazy Nazis and an evil curse.
  • Multiple Characters - Play with different characters.
  • Fight! - Real-time combats against Nazis and aberrant creatures of the darkness.
  • Items - 50+ items to gear up your characters, including weapons, consumables and utilities to resolve puzzles.
  • Original Score - A postmodern and eclectic style music with classic reminiscences and synthetic sound textures.
  • Languages - English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German.


The Curse of the Dark Moon has been invoked. The agents from The Institute will face their most difficult mission:

  • Survive the curse.
  • Stop the curse.
  • Fight against the Nazis and the aberrant creatures of the darkness.
  • Destroy the Okkulte-SS division.


Steam, Xbox, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Release Date

4Q 2018