A 2D pixel art action-adventure during WWII against a a mysterious inner division of the SS and an evil curse that could extinguish the human race.


The Nazis create a mysterious inner division of the SS known as the Dunkelstaffel.

Headed by the unscrupulous psychic Friedrich Von Darka, the Dunkelstaffel starts to carry out several practices of occultism. The construction of a strange device known as P-571 begins.


The Allied High Command recommends the creation of a special group to track down the esoteric activities of the Nazis. A few months later, the Institute of Supernatural Affairs (ISA) is founded. The new agency is headed by the renowned psychic Alexei Krakovitz in secrecy.


The P-571 is finished and ready for testing. The Dunkelstaffel deploys several scout teams along Europe in search of supernatural entities.


One of the scout teams finds an ancient manuscript which reveals the existence of a witch who lives somewhere in the woods near the northwest coast of Norway. According to the manuscript, the witch is a supernatural entity that knows how to cast an evil spell called "The Curse of The Dark Moon".


After intense searching, the Dunkelstaffel locates the witch and forces her to invoke the curse. The Nazis kidnap the witch and her eight daughters so as not to undo the curse.

The Dark Moon is an evil source of paranormal radiation which is harmless to humans, but it is a breeding ground for spawning the most aberrant creatures of the darkness.

Captive somewhere in the Norwegian Sea, the witch desperately seeks help in the paranormal dimension, a place where powerful psychics often hang around. Her cry is received as a nightmare by Alexei Krakovitz, who rapidly travels to Norway with two of his best field agents, Jane Gore and Akiro Kagasawa.

While the Nazis wait for the eclipse to charge the P-571 with a massive amount of paranormal energy to control an army of supernatural creatures, the agents must rescue the witch and her eight daughters to save the earth from darkness.

Key Features

  • Pixel Art - Colorful and beautiful pixel art style.
  • Crazy Story - A world-saving adventure during WWII against crazy Nazis and an evil curse. Find and rescue a witch and her eight daughters and put and end to the curse.
  • Fight! - Real-time combats against Nazis from a mysterious paranormal division and aberrant creatures that fall from the sky engendered by the Dark Moon.
  • Items - 80+ unlockable items to gear up your characters, including weapons, consumables, utilities and hats.
  • A touch of RPG - Lightweight stats that can be improved by spending experience points.
  • Original Score - A postmodern and eclectic style music with classic reminiscences and synthetic sound textures.
  • Languages - English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German.


The Curse of the Dark Moon has been invoked. The agents from The Institute will face their most difficult mission:

  • Survive the curse.
  • Rescue the witch and her eight kidnapped girls.
  • Fight the most aberrant creatures of the darkness.
  • Stop the curse before it's too late!
  • Destroy the Nazis.


Steam, Xbox, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Release Date

3Q 2018

© 2017 One Man Game