"A supernatural problem, always requires a supernatural solution" - Professor Alexei Krakovitz

Octopix for Best Indie Game 2018 at the FEFFS!

About the game

Nine Witches - Family Disruption is a 2D pixel art action-adventure game during World War II against a mysterious SS division who is using an evil curse in a desperate attempt to change the course of war.

In Nine Witches, the player will be able to control two special agents (Professor Alexei Krakovitz and Akiro Kagasawa) who works for a secret agency known as The Institute of Supernatural Affairs. Mixing each one’s unique abilities to overcome all the challenges and obstacles ahead of them. Explore the Village of Sundäe, solve puzzles and fight against the Nazis to save the world their evil hands.

Release Date: TBD

The Story

During the Second World War, The German War Machine controlled by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party reached a level of absolute control over most of Europe.

Friedrich von Darka commanded a special division called Okkulte-SS, responsible for researching the occult for The Third Reich.

In 1944, the German Army was about to withdraw, running away from the Red Army. However, the Okkulte-SS was ready to strike its most terrible blow.

Key Features

  • Pixel Art - Colorful and beautiful pixel art style.
  • Spooky Story - A world-saving adventure during WWII against crazy Nazis and an evil curse. A story full of surprises. More that can I tell you here...
  • Crude Humor - sometimes sympathetic, sometimes gloom, sometimes sarcastic. Always bizarre.
  • Dozens of Locations - Explore Sundäe, a small agricultural village located on the northeast coast of Norway and help free them from the Nazis.
  • Dozens of NPCs - Meet the oppressed people of Sundäe and liberate them from the Okkulte-SS .
  • Adventure Game Elements - Including dialog trees, exploration and inventory items (including weapons).
  • Fight! - Real-time combats against Nazis, aberrant creatures of the darkness and more surprises...
  • Experience the Astral Plane - The nexus between the earthly world and the afterlife. Meet lost souls and help them continue their journey to the afterlife.
  • Items - 50+ items including weapons to overwhelm the bad guys and utilities to resolve puzzles.
  • Original Score - Yes! The game has its own OST!
  • Languages - English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German.


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